Christine Noonan Yoga - Yoga for Real Life, Toronto
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christine noonan toronto yoga teacher


Yoga for Real Life

You might not look like a model. You might enjoy a nice steak and a glass of red wine on Friday nights. Maybe you don’t even wear $100 hip-hugging yoga pants. That’s great – yoga can still fit into your life! Let the stereo-types go – yes, you can still do yoga if you can’t touch your toes, and that is probably even more reason to give it a whirl. 

Let’s bring it back to basics with a focus on alignment, breath-work and how the pose feels in your body. Yoga is purely your own practice, that changes each time you step on the mat.  Whatever your goal is, come move and breathe with me – this is yoga for REAL life.


Work with Me

christine noonan yoga e-bookThere is a need to educate people about common yoga poses and why we do them. The fancy poses can come in time, if you choose to work on them, but the postures shared in this book are ones that are instructed most frequently. It’s for these reasons I wrote an e-book to cover a back-to-basics approach to yoga poses. Equipped with images + instructions, you’ll be able to get a great understanding about how to properly align the body and gain the benefits of each of the 22 poses outlined.