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Struggling to achieve balance?

- I was at a friend’s cottage, enjoying a week away from the city and found myself letting go of all my regular routines. I was sipping on a glass of wine, overlooking the water and started thinking about the concept of balance. I had packed...

christine noonan toronto yoga teacher
Fitness Fun in NYC!

As a fitness professional, I sometimes find it challenging to consistently deliver the best class - to show up ten-plus times a week and deliver a class with enthusiasm and inspiration. This feeling led me on a recent fitness excursion with a friend and fellow...

christine noonan toronto yoga teacher
Finding the Perfect Match for Your Yoga Lifestyle: Part 1 – Mat Magic

- Like successful marriages, Yoga is a lifestyle that is most beneficial and best enjoyed when the three yoga rock stars come together in perfect alignment – your mat, your studio and your instructor. Before embarking on your yoga journey, make sure that these three basics are...

christine noonan toronto yoga teacher
Facebook-Free for 30 Days?

- We see lots of 30-day challenges out there - do yoga for 30 days, don’t drink alcohol for 30 days, practice self-care for 30 days…the list goes on. So for the month of February, I decided to challenge myself and go 30 days (well, 29) without logging...