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Yoga Essentials – A Back-to-Basics Guide

Welcome to Yoga Essentials, a back-to-basics guide for any yoga practice. The foundations of yoga and the alignment principles that are shared within this e-book have ignited both my passion for yoga as well as my career as a yoga instructor. While I see the drive and commitment every day from students, whether they’re brand new to yoga or just starting their journey, I also see a lot of misalignment within foundational poses.

There is a need to educate people about common yoga poses and why we do them. The fancy poses can come in time, if you choose to work on them, but the postures shared in this book are ones that are instructed most frequently. Without an understanding of how to properly adjust alignment for your body and know what the pose is intending to work, stretch or strengthen, we often show up and just go through the motions.

This e-book contains the tools to either begin your yoga practice or fine-tune your existing practice.

I have included a glossary with common terms as well as a body outline as a reference to common body landmarks. This book has both Sanskrit (an ancient language from India) and English names for each pose, as well as a picture and a reason why you would practice the pose. I have also included a tip on what to be mindful of within the pose based on common misalignments I have seen in various bodies over the years.

To realize my dream of sharing these essential yoga foundations, I had the support of many people. Thank you to all of my teachers, students, family and friends who were there to encourage and support me along the way. Special thanks to my husband, Dan, for his continued love, to Nathan White for his patience in shooting the images for this e-book, to my editor, Alyssa Ages of BeFit Marketing, and to Danielle Joseph of Function Creative Co. for putting it all together and designing this e-book.