Yoga Teacher Mentorship with Christine Noonan Yoga Toronto
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Yoga Teacher Mentorship

Are you a yoga teacher looking to refine some teaching skills? Let’s work together – be it sequencing, commanding the room, or the business side of yoga. I work with teachers on specific teaching and business goals, creating a customized plan for each to accomplish their desired intention.

Investment: $300 for 4 hours of individualized teaching, coaching and mentoring.

Benefits of Teacher Mentorship

* Learn how to get clear on what you want in order to set a plan into action and make it happen!

* Cultivate a skill set that will take your business and your teaching to the next level.

* Gain the confidence to understand how to set yourself apart in a growing field.

What Teachers Have to Say

“Training with Christine was a challenging, informative and fun experience for me. After taking my class and/or listening to recordings of my class, Christine would promptly send an email my way with detailed feedback, questions, comments and suggestions. Without a doubt, she has helped shape me into the instructor I am today and truly feel that YHot training with Christine needed to be a part of my journey. I felt complete support during the YHot training and I continue to feel that support from Christine today.” ~ Samantha C.

“Christine guided me to know which area’s of the YHot sequence I was unclear on and worked with me to develop strong instruction. She has a great practical understanding of what works in a class and passed on those insights to me. Christine’s passion for teaching is obvious and I loved my time with her.” ~ Michael E.

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