My Story - About Christine Noonan Yoga - Toronto
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christine noonan toronto yoga teacher

 My intention is to keep yoga REAL

Work with me and you will know first-hand the benefits that yoga can offer. I’ll bring it back to basics with a focus on alignment, breath-work and how the pose feels in your specific body. Yoga is purely your own practice, one that changes each time you step on the mat. You will find what keeps you coming back – be it working towards a physical goal, dis-connecting for an hour or the feeling that you are leaving softer than when you arrived. Whatever your goal is, come move and breathe with me – this is yoga for REAL life!

The Full Story

I first dabbled in yoga in NYC in 2008.  I was working a stressful job in commercial real estate and running and spinning religiously.  The class was a gentle hatha yoga and while it wasn’t physically demanding, I enjoyed the overall calm I felt after class.  I continued to go on a weekly basis, never giving much thought to how else yoga could help me.

Fast forward to 2011 – after leaving the hustle of New York and an intense career and moving to Vancouver with a new marriage and a blank canvas in front of me.  I found myself back on a yoga mat, only this time if was very different.

I soon realized that yoga was not only calming for my mind, but whoa, it can be a workout!  I didn’t need any fancy workout equipment or even a fancy yoga outfit (true, they are nice but not necessary!).  I needed to show up, breathe and stay humble as I tried to move my body into new and unfamiliar shapes.  Despite the frustration, my determination to learn more and prove to myself that I could “get this” kept me returning.

But I needed more.  I was craving more of an understanding than I was able to get in a group class format, and I was still staring at that blank canvas in front of me wondering what my next step was.  So in 2013, with the support of my husband and my family, I enrolled in a 200 hour yoga teacher training program.

Teacher training kicked my a#%!  It was physically demanding, it was an emotional roller coaster, I learned more than I thought my brain could handle and it was FABULOUS!  There were times when I wanted to quit and never go back (thank you Kristin and Dan for talking me out of that!).  And at the end of it all, I know that yoga would be with me forever.

I don’t physically practice every day, but when I stay away too long, something starts to crumble and I inevitably make my way back to my mat.  I continue to enjoy and appreciate red wine, meat (I know, ahimsa…), and swearing.  My life is real and so is my yoga.  Yoga helps me stay calm when I want to scream, allows me the freedom to scream when I need to and to enjoy each day just a bit more then I ever thought I could.

Work with Me: Yoga Teacher Mentorship

Are you a yoga teacher looking to refine some teaching skills? Let’s work together – be it sequencing, commanding the room, or the business side of yoga. I work with teachers on specific teaching and business goals, creating a customized plan for each to accomplish their desired intention.

Investment: $500 for 4 hours of individualized teaching, coaching, and mentoring.

Benefits of Teacher Mentorship
* Learn how to get clear on what you want in order to set a plan into action and make it happen!

* Cultivate a skill set that will take your business and your teaching to the next level.

* Gain the confidence to understand how to set yourself apart in a growing field.

What Teachers Have to Say
“Training with Christine was a challenging, informative, and fun experience for me. After taking my class and/or listening to recordings of my class, Christine would promptly send an email my way with detailed feedback, questions, comments and suggestions. Without a doubt, she has helped shape me into the instructor I am today and truly feel that YHot training with Christine needed to be a part of my journey. I felt complete support during the YHot training and I continue to feel that support from Christine today.” ~ Samantha C.

“Christine guided me to know which area’s of the YHot sequence I was unclear on and worked with me to develop strong instruction. She has a great practical understanding of what works in a class and passed on those insights to me. Christine’s passion for teaching is obvious and I loved my time with her.” ~ Michael E.

Ready to get started? Email me!

Yoga Studies

It was a YYoga in Vancouver where my yoga practice became much for of a regular, habitual part of my life, so it made the most sense for me to continue my journey with them.  I have completed both my 200-hour teacher training and my 70-hour YHot training with YYoga.  Since moving to Toronto in 2014, I am grateful to be growing with such a great yoga community – you can find me teaching public studio classes at Liberty Life Yoga and YYoga.

I have learned from some amazing souls along my yoga journey including Kristin Campbell, Rachel Scott, Catherine LaVallee and YuMee Chung.  The women have influenced both my teaching an my practice and they continue to inspire me off the mat as well.  A special thanks as you have each played your unique role and I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.

Restorative Training Level 1 with Kim McBean
Yin Teacher Training with Cathy Keenan
Mentorship with YuMee Chung
Indoor Cycling Certification with Schwinn
70-Hour YHot Teacher Training with Kristin Campbell, YYoga
Mentorship Program with Rachel Scott
200 Hour YYoga Teacher Training with Kristin Campbell, YYoga
Emergency First Aid CPR/AED Level C with Red Cross
Certificate of Massage Therapy – 750 Hours from Utah College of Massage Therapy 

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