Testimonials - Christine Noonan Yoga - Toronto Yoga Teacher
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YuMee Chung
Christine is a thoughtful teacher with a grounded and accessible approach to the practice of yoga. She is a former massage therapist with a confident touch and insight into the human body. Christine teaches students to love the fun-damentals as she does.
Alyssa Springford
Christine truly does give yoga to the people.  When I attend her classes the energy in the room is light warm and welcoming. She inspires her students to be themselves and create balance where ever they are in their yoga journey. She has a strong passion for teaching fundamental classes while creating a fun, safe welcoming environment for “everybody”.  I love working with Christine and I highly recommend her classes to anyone who is new to Yoga, or someone who is thinking about trying private sessions.
Cherie Cox
Christine, you are amazing! I always look forward to having you as my yoga teacher. You are an inspiring teacher and I can really feel your passion for what you do. You lead us into each pose with great guidance, interact with everyone in the class, and make me feel welcome and that I am where I should be. You have an excellent understanding of yoga and your devotion to each person is uplifting and very much appreciated. Thank you for all that you do!
David Kornhauser
Over the past year, I have noticed an interesting pattern in my schedule: it seems as if my schedule revolves around when Christine is teaching. No matter how busy my week, I know that Christine's classes are non-negotiable. She really understands the human body and is able to make suggestions so that I always get the most out of my yoga practice. Christine understands that people come to her class for a whole host of reasons: a workout, a way to decompress, or a chance to overcome physical challenges. Christine structures her classes so that everyone's objectives are met, and all the students leave feeling simultaneously relaxed and energized.
Sue and Mark
Sue and Mark
We have been attending Christine's classes for a couple of years now. She is a terrific teacher and makes yoga accessible to all. She is very approachable and does her best to provide individual attention to every participant. We feel stronger and more flexible after her classes and hate to miss them. Her calm and friendly manner inspires confidence and ensures every client, regardless of age and fitness level, feel as if they can take her class and benefit from it. We would highly recommend Christine as an excellent yoga instructor.
Andrea Perricone
I started private classes with Christine a few months ago and wow!  I never thought yoga was for me but was I ever wrong.  Working one-on-one with Christine has helped me become so much more in-tune with not only my body, but my overall health - physical, emotional, mental.  I'm so happy and can't wait for what the future working together will bring.
Ashley Holly
Christine teaches an incredibly patient, meticulously detailed and inspiring yoga class at my local yoga studio. She is passionate and funny and I highly recommend her beginner classes.
Dan Noonan
Christine has the ability to make yoga accessible for everybody! I never imagined myself as a person going to yoga and since I have started taking classes with her, I am amazed at the positive results I have seen. Not only do I leave class with a sense of personal encouragement, my body and mind are more relaxed and my body has a definite improved range of motion. If you've been wanting to try yoga, Christine is the person to help you take the first step of your journey!
Elizabeth F
I've had the pleasure of interacting with Christine both on and off the yoga mat.  She is very knowledgeable in yoga and general wellness, with a very approachable and relaxed attitude in her studio setting.
Emilie Wong
I enjoyed my private class with Christine Noonan at her in-home studio. Her authenticity inspired me as I was given a safe and nurturing space to improve my downward dog. She has a great, positive energy that leaves you feeling refreshed and empowered. She has a REAL desire to learn about each individual's personal goals and endeavours on and off the mat and always wants to provide a helping hand.
Julia K
Christine is a wonderful yoga teacher. She always finds the right words to guide her students through class and makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome. As a beginner, I have only been practicing yoga for almost a year. Christine is my first yoga teacher and her enthusiasm, patience and love for yoga has influenced my practice and gives me the confidence to move forward.
Leo T.
A life changing experience and one of the best people in terms of goodness I have met in my life. Christine is very skilled but also has this natural and human ability to share yoga with people- something I have not seen after observing countless of other yoga instructors. There is no way to describe it other than simply experiencing it. She shares a part of her with you- a positive energy and the light that travells through you. In a way you become the prism to all the other people you come in contact with and this light multiplies. If you are lucky enough to be in one of her classes then you will feel it.
Melissa Tung
Christine’s spin classes are sweaty and fun. She gets you to push your limits without you knowing it. Read more
Sohini Bhattacharya
Christine's method of instruction makes yoga very approachable for my body type. I suffer from chronic back pain and doing yoga with Christine has been very therapeutic for my back. My breathing is much better too! Read more
Valentine Giambattista
Yoga Instructor & Actress
Christine is one of my favourite yoga teachers in Toronto. She is so real and true to herself and it shows in all of her classes. She is so knowledgable on yoga as she teaches all different kinds of yoga including hot, hatha, flow and yin, so there is something for everybody. Yoga can be super intimidating but she creates a comfortable and accepting environment always. Thank you Christine for always inspiring me to be me whoever that is...Encouraging me to be real, raw and true.