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20 Sep Swinging Into September

By Cherie Cox

44987290 - organized things in the office of the businesspersonSummer is the time of year where we let go of routine, go to bed late and bask in the outdoors. This is my favourite time of the year; the warm weather creates an amazing energy in the city. Everyone is out and about and there is a vibrancy that comes with the season. When September rolls around, routine starts up again and you may start to feel an urgency to switch into high gear and get back into the swing of things. This can be a challenge after a summer of fun and freedom. As we step back into routine life, it is important to do it with ease, flow and excitement.

Here are some ideas to help you swing into September:

Put it in your calendar: Know how your week looks and what events and activities are coming up. Have a calendar, day planner or use your phone calendar. By keeping track of what is happening during the week and being able to see it ahead of time, you will be prepared for the week and will have a sense of calmness knowing what’s ahead.
What is happening this week? Open your calendar and input all meetings, activities, etc. 

Write it down: Lists are a great way to keep track of what you need to buy and things you need to do; I love lists! Crossing items off my to-do list makes me feel happy and productive. I have an ongoing list in my phone. Throughout the day, when I think of something, I will add it to the list. This way I don’t forget anything and I make sure I accomplish all that I need and want to. Having a list will help give you clarity and help with priorities.
What do you need to do, buy, and accomplish this week? Grab a pen and make a list. 

Everything has a home: Make space for important items in your home and know where they belong. Finding a home for items in your space will help with organization. You will know where things are and you won’t become frustrated when looking for something. This will help decrease chaos in your space.
What is something that you often can’t find? This week, make a home for it. 

Get your ZZZ’s: A restful sleep will help you through the day. When we have a good night’s sleep, we are more alert and productive, with more energy for the day ahead. Try and go to bed and wake up around the same time every day. Your body will adjust to this and get into a great sleep routine.
What will your rise and shine time and bedtime be?
35822741 - good dreams make your day better

Time for fun: Always make time for fun! Life is busy and we often have stuff we need to do and things that need to get done. However, it is equally important to set aside time to do things that you enjoy. This is an opportunity for you to let go and release any stresses. Make time for YOU and have fun.
What sort of fun are you going to have this week? 

September brings a new start. Set yourself up for success and create a routine that allows each day to flow smoothly. By doing this you will create good habits and momentum. Get ready to welcome fall with open arms.

About the Author:
Cherie Cox is an Organizational Coach who is passionate about creating spaces that are organized, functional and flowing and enjoys helping others create a mindful mind. Through years of living minimally and self-discovery, Cherie learned and saw first had how being organized inside and outside yourself can truly enhance happiness, and is here to help others live the same way.