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25 Jan Intention Check-In

We’re heading into the end of January, and we may not have seen each other in person yet this year, so Happy New Year!

I started the year by asking my yoga students if they had made any resolutions, goals, or intentions. A number of them had but still just as many had not.

I set my intentions for the year with the help of an intention board (image above). Some intentions were simple, and others will demand a lot of dedication and work. I set goals for myself, for my business, and my relationships, sitting down with my husband to see where we had an opportunity to make some changes for the better, together.

Now that we’re a few weeks into the year, have you had a chance to reflect on how things are going? Any goals or intentions that you set but haven’t had a chance to put into action in your daily or weekly life? Or perhaps you choose not to set specific goals and are now wanting to declare some new habits or thoughts.

Here are my takeaways for creating sustainable, achievable goals, for each day, or for your whole year.

  1. Get Clear: In order to know what it is you are working towards, you need to define it. We all learn in different ways, so imagining the complete scenario can be helpful. Can you see, smell, taste, touch and hear your intention? What are the steps that you will need to take in order to make this goal a reality?
  2. Write it Down: We have enough thoughts and ideas moving at warp speed and swirling around in our minds. In order to make your intention a reality, write it down. Get creative! You can map our your goals using markers or paint, and let your dreams start to manifest themselves into reality. Be sure to place this list or work of art somewhere where you can see it daily.
  3. Find an Accountability Buddy: Find someone that you can share your progress (and possible setbacks) with. If you are taking steps towards your intention or have a certain task that needs to meet a deadline, ask your buddy to check in with you as it approaches. If you’ve got a goal or two that you want to keep private, track your own progress by writing it in a notebook or your phone. Use any tool that allows you to see you’re consistently working towards what you want.
  4. Check In and Review: Be ok with the idea of changing or adapting your intention or goal along the way. Life is fluid and what we start out working towards could take on its own shape or even lead to a new goal. Only you can decide what makes sense to continue to work towards and what goals need to be adapted. Don’t be afraid to review on a monthly or quarterly basis to ensure your efforts are being directed to the right areas of focus.

I’d love to hear what you are working towards for the year ahead, so feel free to share a picture and a caption and tag me on Instagram. If learning yoga or refining your current practice is a goal of yours for 2017, click here to download my FREE e-book, Yoga Essentials. Here’s to an amazing year ahead!

Namaste ~ Christine


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